Thursday, March 25, 2010

Best purchase EVER.

Of all the things you own, what would qualify as your best purchase EVER? Mr. Penguin and I bought a new mattress and bedroom set when we moved in together. I love the look of the actual set; it's unique and totally us.

But it's the mattress that is the best purchase. We'd pay double the original cost to us if we had to buy it again. Seriously. And considering what it originally did cost us, that's saying something!

After a week away I couldn't wait to get in it. Is it bedtime yet?


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

17 things...

...I love about Mr. Penguin.

1) his shoulders -- very manly and they make me feel protected.
2) his voice -- I could listen to him talk for hours.
3) his brain -- he's beyond smart and so very talented in his field.
4) his butt -- ::pinch:: ;)
5) his laughter -- it just makes me smile, even if I'm in another room when I hear it.
6) his extreme pride for our kids -- all accomplishments are noticed and recognized, no matter how small.
7) his willingness to get me chocolate -- enough said.
8) his lips -- they're soft, but I also like to watch them while he speaks.
9) his cooking -- he makes an amazing pasta dish.
10) his hair -- I like to run my hands through it. And it's red so I can find him easily in large groups. ;)
11) his height -- he's 6'4" which makes me feel feminine in comparison. And it helps in the group thing too (see above).
12) his friendliness -- as a Maritimer he's naturally friendly to most folk. Women tend to see this as flirting where we live (people keep to themselves here) and it makes me smile knowing he has NO clue about it.
13) his hands -- they always seem to find mine.
14) his eyes -- green or gray or blue. Depends on his mood and which colour shirt he chose to wear that day. Green is my favorite.
15) his thoughtfulness -- he makes me tea every night and tucks me into bed on nights that he has to work late.
16) his scruffiness -- Mr. Penguin sports a goatee and some serious 5 o'clock shadow most days...I LOOOOOOVE it.
17) how he looks when he's sleeping. He's just so CUTE!!

The end.

Monday, March 22, 2010


I left the house today at 6:52am. Well, I left the driveway at that time. Mr. Penguin and baby penguin were snuggled up together in my comfy bed - all nice and warm. I, on the other hand, was setting out with my reheated chai tea and bagel with peanut butter.

I start my new job today.

It's like the first day of school! I showered and dried my hair last night, put out my clothes (right down to my jewelry!!), and packed my lunch.

Anyways. I left at 6:52am in order to test traffic. Better to be early on the first day than late, right? So I head out and traffic seems good. My tea was good -- which is so much more important. ;) I zoom along the highway, hit all the green lights, and arrive in good time. At 7:04am to be exact.

...I start at 8am.

Happy Monday!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baby Penguins

I think most parents believe that they have the cutest kid in the world. But they would be wrong.

Mr. Penguin and I have combined our genes and have created THE cutest baby imaginable. But I may be somewhat biased. ;)

Our little girl has just learned that she can wave at people and they will wave back. Sounds pretty basic to us adults, but to my little 8 month old -- she now CONTROLS THE WORLD.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Can I go home?

This is unedited - but it still makes me feel like I'm right there sitting on the rocks.

Can I move back to the ocean yet?


Friday, March 19, 2010


Mr. Penguin and I had a date night last night!  With 2 kids and a hectic schedule (soon to be more hectic), we don't get too many opportunities to date as much as we'd like to.  I'm thinking I need to find a reliable teenager in my neighborhood to start babysitting....ANYWAYS -- After putting baby penguin to bed and leaving her with the in-laws, we headed out for a late night showing of Alice in Wonderland at the IMAX 3D theatre.

Tim Burton is one WEIRD guy.   Don't get me wrong, the movie was amazing.  But seriously, that guy is special.  The things that he brought to life in that film came from a wacked out place in someone's noggin'.  Just saying.  That aside, I found the movie to be very beautiful.  The colours and scenery were lush and vibrant.  I think most scenes would make fantastic oil paintings.  I'd hang one in my house!  Maybe I should call Disney...

After movie snuggles, junk food and a drive in the middle of the night with some Tim Hortons coffee...I was one happy woman.  The handsome man with his arm around my waist all night didn't hurt things either.  ;)


The Shape of Life.

If you had to pinpoint them, what moments would you say have shaped your life?

Not the usual first day of school or graduation or wedding moments, I'm talking about the little things.  Friendships, conversations, random moments that forever affected the way you viewed and interacted with the world.

In the last few years of self reflection I've noticed something.  There have been moments in my life that I, for whatever reason, ignored my gut feeling.  I either pushed it aside, or didn't acknowledge it, or maybe didn't even know it was there.  Those moments...they were big.  Maybe not at the time, but looking back those moments defined what shape my life would take.

I don't tend to 'regret' things I've done.  I may sometimes think I'd change how I reacted or what path I chose then, but everything has brought me to where I am and made me into the woman I am today.  My Monkey is one of those.  I went through many years and many things to get my beautiful daughter.  Anything that gave me her, I would do again in a heart beat.

What are your moments?  Take a few minutes to ponder the things that have made you -- YOU.


Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm such a liar.

I was supposed to be blogging everyday.  As you can see from the date tabs, I totally fell off the wagon.

........No use dwelling on something I can't change!  Onward we go!!