Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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Sunday, August 29, 2010


I ended up crossing something off my list tonight!  Kind of funny actually.  My brother and his girlfriend just moved into their new apartment yesterday and we happened to go there for a visit tonight.  They served up hotdogs, my parents brought chips and pop and I brought the kids.  We all sat on a blanket and had a picnic in the middle of the living room.

It counts!

#86 - Go on a picnic

Saturday, August 28, 2010


We're going camping!  It's my second time out and will be baby's first.  Mr. Penguin is fully trained in search and rescue tactics and survival - so we don't count him.  Today me and the girls went out to pick up some things for the trip.  Monkey won't be able to join us as she will be at her father's place, but she was excited to get things ready and plan for our future family trips.

I bought the CUTEST little sleeping bag today for baby!  It's so small!  But should last her until about age 3.  Then I picked up some pants, a long sleeved shirt and hat at Mountain Equipment Coop.  She's all ready to go!


Monday, August 23, 2010


I recently started receiving regular magazine subscriptions.  I LOVE them and devour each and every one of them within days of them arriving.  Until my last issue.  For a magazine that claims to be about health and fitness and well rounded lifestyles, the model chosen for one of their features was so very, very wrong.  I literally gasped out loud when I saw her.  

I am not in the dark - I know models are thin.  I know that they do not represent 97% of the population.  I know that their bodies are mainly there to be the 'hangers' for the clothes they wear.  But where does one draw the line?  The woman used in the article had a pretty face, sure, but she did not need to be modeling clothes.  She needed to be on an IV in the hospital to make sure she didn't collapse from starvation.  It made me sick.  I didn't even notice the clothes!

It also made me sad for all of those out there that see models as something to aspire to become.  Those that view a model's body as feminine or healthy or sexy.  Don't get me wrong, some models ARE healthy, but sadly, those few aren't used enough in fashion spreads.  This woman was not something ANYONE should attempt body-wise.  It was horrible.

I wrote my first letter to a magazine over this.  Will it change anything?  Probably not, but I voiced my opinion.  And I called the magazine out for contradicting the values and beliefs about women they claim so hard to have and encourage.  A step forward in helping women accept themselves was undone x1000 with just a few photographs.

I hope to pass on common sense to my girls.  That models are 'hangers', that eating is a healthy part of life, that almost no body fat on a woman comes with severe trade-offs and that you get one body - don't abuse it.  


Monday, August 16, 2010


There is something I've always loved about Mr. Penguin - he makes me feel very feminine.  Growing up I was always the jeans and tshirt girl who hung out with the guys and playing pool.  I didn't do skirts, purses (I carried a wallet in my back pocket) or heels (sneakers all the way).

All of that changed when Mr. Penguin came into my life (again...but that's a whole other story for another day).  I find with him being so tall and having big shoulders, he makes me feel petite in comparison (and I use that word very lightly!).  I feel like the gentler sex.  I feel cared for and that he is there to protect me.  I don't always have to be the strong one.  It's a wonderful change.

This feeling of being protected and not having to be the strong one has brought about some feminine changes in our 3 years together.  I love purses!  And I'm quite the collector too.  Although I have severely limited myself before that addiction gets out of control.  I now have to sell one to buy one - it keeps the amounts in check.  I also love cute shoes.  Although my definition of what is cute doesn't necessarily fall into the 'fad' of the week (those gladiator sandals are the UGLIEST things I have ever seen.  Ever.)  I also started wearing skirts this year.  It is now to the point where I find it weird when I put pants on!  I literally wear skirts 7 days a week.  My teenage self would never have believed such a time could come.  LOL

So with my feminine side coming forth more and more, I've found other things to be true.  I thoroughly enjoy cooking and feel it is my responsibility to cook for my man and our family - although he does occasionally cook supper.  I think the housework should be mainly mine as Mr. Penguin works from home 14+ hours a day (he helps with the major sorting and organizing).  I feel that the majority of the work with the kids is mine (see his working hours above).  Is it a lot?  Yes.  Do I do it all?  Hell no.  I work full time and just don't get around to vacuuming as much as I should.  Whatever.  The dust bunnies add character to our home!  ;)

However, by having some jobs that are more "female" in nature, I feel that certain jobs should be held by the man of the house.  Like going on the roof or killing spiders.  Mainly though, I feel like it is the the man's job to mow the freakin' lawn.  And this is an agreed upon point between Mr. Penguin and myself.  I waited 2.5 weeks.  I waited until the grass was so long that any longer and I'd have to rake it too.  I waited until I could no longer stand it.  Then *I* went out and mowed the lawn tonight.

My inner woman is hurt.  She came inside and baked cookies to compensate.  ;)


Thursday, August 12, 2010

I love this site!!

Some of you may know from here that I recently purchased 2 pairs of glasses for an awesome price.  Well, last week I received an email from clearlycontacts stating I had earned a FREE pair of glasses and all I had to pay was the shipping!

So, I of course, went shopping!!  I purchased a third pair of glasses - in purple/blue to round out the options for my glasses wearing days - and was thrilled when they arrived.  They are my favorite of them all.

In the end I purchased three pairs of prescription eye glasses for $122 CDN including shipping.  Want to know the best part?  Mr. Penguin's insurance accepted my receipt for the first purchase!!  HAHAHA The final cost to me?

$122 $24

Life is good.  And a whole lot clearer with the new prescription!


Saturday, August 7, 2010


I had a date with my handsome man tonight.  A funny movie and coffee and a long drive after it too.  Lots of hand holding and good conversation.

I'm in love.  <3
3 years and counting...